FS Initiative Embarks on Eradication Of Extreme Poverty!

Farmers support Initiative will soon officially kick-start a project aimed at eradicating subsistent and peasant levels of farming in Africa as a pointer to eradication of extreme poverty on the continent. As the most populous country and largest economy in Africa, Nigeria is now ironically regarded as the poverty capital of the world, it becomes obvious that the project has to start from Nigeria The project will commence within the first quarter of 2019. With the support of good spirited individuals, various agencies, governments, community leaders, volunteers and other relevant stakeholders we hope this project will go a long way in assisting Africa to achieve the sustainable development goals of vision 2030.

FS Initiative Takes Its Healthcare Support Programme to Benin Republic

The annual FREE healthcare programme in support of low level farmers in Africa organised by Farmers Support Initiative is scheduled for 9th March, 2019 in Savalou, Republic of Benin in West Africa. Many low level farmers in Benin republic are already looking forward to this healthcare support programme when information about the last one that took place in Badagry, south west Nigeria got to them through other farmers in that neighbouring country. The healthcare support team will be led by Dr Uche Ezeani, a very senior medical person with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. He brings on board along other doctors and healthcare professionals local knowledge that is needed in assisting these hardworking farmers.

Training seminar delivered in Ghana and South East of Nigeria

Our training seminar in Ghana took place in Accra in early 2017, followed by a training Workshop in Onitsha in the South East of Nigeria.

Both events were well attended and the quality of the training drew praise from participants.

Dry Season irrigation scheme in Sierra Leone

Our Dry Season irrigation scheme in Sierra Leone was completed in May 2017. Working with our Accredited Centre in Sierra Leone, Partnership for Productivity, we designed and installed an irrigation scheme for 10 acres of previously unused land. This scheme will help almost 300 inhabitants of the nearby villages to grow more food. See the photos on the Gallery page.