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DM268B-I Pet Treats Injection Moulding Machine


DM268B-I Pet Treats Injection Moulding Machine is special machinery for producing pet snacks. Withsuch machine, various shapescan be made, such as hedgehog, crocodile,dog, bone,pork ears, barrel, etc. The shapes are very lovely and it is a ideal encouragement to dogs and cats while they learn a new action or do well in some exercises and games. Also, we can provide different recipestomeet various marketdemands. It hasthefollowing features:
a) DM268B-I Pet Treats Injection Moulding Machine comes with user-friendly microprocessor controller withthesefollowing features.

b) Equippedwithservomotor to realizehigher efficiencyandlower consumption.

c) Dust, oil proof andcolorful touchswitchcontrol panel.

d) El displayof pressure,speed,time and distancefor eachmotion.

e) Shut-down device with100 presetsmold datamemory.

f) PID barrel temperature control:temperature abnormal & electrical wirebreaking alarm. g) SSR-solidstate temperaturecontroller.

h) Screw cold start protection. i) Abnormal shot detection.

j) Outputquantityandpackagingquantitypreset.

k) Clamping,injection andejection,andcarriage action(option) bytouchscreen.

l) Screw rotating speedread-out.

m) Security codefunctionto avoidmissingdata or carelesschanging.

n) Multi safetyprotectionto operator.



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